Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another set of 20

OK ladies here's another set of 20 things about me. Now don't forget to leave a comment telling me 1 thing about yourself so you can be entered into the drawing, there's only 2 days left! There will be 3 lucky ladies that will win awesome goodies handmade by me!
1. Love my Aunt Carol's chicken pastry and homemade bread and listening to her talk about sister (my granny)
2. Still love and drive my '92 Honda Accord
3. Love the 4TH of July
4. love the movie Aquamarine, because in the movie the girl has a set of starfish earrings that compliment her. My sister wanted a pair so I bought her some and when she put them on she said "Elizabeth you are beautiful, you can hear", I cried
5. love coffee ice cream, reminds me of my granny
6. always need a snack at 11 PM because my granny would come home from her nursing shift in the ER and we would watch MASH and have "black" coffee and cake together
7. Love anything chocolate with bananas mixed
8. collect bells because my granny collected bells everywhere she went
9. can't swim but "wade" in the kiddie area HE HE
10. my fave store is Poodles in Wilmington NC. Kelly Preston shops there, but the owner, Poodle is so sweet and gives me discounts. Love her!!!
11. love sewing and trying new crafts
12. my granny could out cook Paula Dean and I love me some Paula, HA HA
13. love my wedding dress and always try to think of a place to wear it again
14. still wear my wedding shoes
15. procrastinate, ALWAYS
16. love being spoiled by my Mikey
17. have been in my share of hair shows, as a model and demonstrating
18. got my first perm at the age of 3
19. failed the written part of my drivers test by 1 question
20. love any and all kinds of office supplies
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

1 comment:

Michele said...

Hi Molly ~ let's see...I love reality TV..Idol, Dancing, Hell's Kitchen! But on the other end of the TV extreme, I love NASCAR, football and dirt bike racing.

Love hearing all about your likes and dislikes!