Friday, March 27, 2009

Another set of 20

Happy Friday friends!!! Hope your week has gone well. Here is another set of 20 things about me. Don't forget to leave a comment about yourself to be entered into the giveaway I will be posting about on Monday!!
1. My engagement ring came from Wilmington NC, must be fate that I love the beach so much
2. Designed my own wedding bands. I wanted 2 eternity bands with Amethysts all the way around, plus my brother, mother and Mike's birthdays are all in February
3. my baby brother Ronald was Mike's best man
4. I didn't get one repeat out of any of my wedding gifts, how lucky
5. me and my sister Miranda used to fill the washer up with water and sit on the edge and pretend we were at the beach
6. me, my sister Miranda and my grandaddy used to watch The Price is Right and eat beanie weenies and Vienna sausages for lunch. Wish those days were still here
7. stayed a week out of school when my grandaddy passed
8. practically lived in the hospital when my grandaddy got sick and would sneak him in hot dogs as a treat
9. I've had my etsy shop LittleSundaysStudio for a little over 2 months
10. know sign language and cued speech because my sister Elizabeth is deaf and has 2 cochlear implants to help her hear
11. love making paper dolls for swaps
12. got stuck in the bathroom on the train on my way to Newark, New Jersey to visit my granny's friend from the army, Mrs. McCloud
13. have alot of old coins that my granny collected for her "future" grandchildren, from the war
14. still have my granny's hot pink "moo moo" she would wear
15. have 1 beta fish named Fattycake on my desk
16. when I was little I stole a clown cupcake topper from the bake shop and told my granny it fell in my purse
17. my best friend Norine introduced me to bagels and cream cheese in 3rd grade
18. a True Republican
19. love Lillie's
20. love tomato's even though they make my cheeks red
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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