Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Count down to 100

Hello friends ! I know that I have gone over my 200Th post and had all intentions of doing something fab but as fate had it I missed it and now I am going to start anew. Each day I will list 20 things about me and when I get to 100 I will have a SUPER GIVEAWAY !!!! There is a catch though it will take 5 days to post the 100 things about ME and I want YOU to pick your fave thing about YOURSELF and leave me a COMMENT. At the END of the 5 days I will pick a 3 lucky people to receive some handmade goodies from ME! OK here we go!!
1. I am the oldest of five fabulous siblings ranging in age from 11 to 25
2. I dreamed of being a lineman like my dad when I was little because I wanted to drive a Duke Power truck, HEHE
3. I have always been in love with the Dollar Store since I was yay high. Me and my sister would take our birthday money and buy an item for how many years we were. Oh and yes I still have the gold bow that came with the matching earrings, HAHAHA
4. I have loved art since I was little and was privileged to be in ETC Art when I was in elementary school and LOVED it!
5. My family is a long list of "Old South" politicians and hard working people.
6. My dad's family are the only Lopossay's in the state of North Carolina! YAY for us Cherokee Indians!!!
7. I got my hard working ethics from my dad
8. Most of my family own their own businesses
9. I have a makeup obsession and have about three bags I constantly rummage through
10. I love to read, especially children's books
11. I have loved Halloween since I was able to walk. I always had the best costumes because I would make my mom put glitter and sequins all over them, oh and the candy
12. I married my best friend and wonder why God blessed me with him everyday
13. My dad built me a playhouse to match our log cabin and I miss it to this day
14. I have always had a wiener dog since I can remember. Gypsy and Savannah are my little suga dumplings
15. I have always loved myself and believe I can do anything
16. I love my adopted siblings like they were my own. I was a "little" momma and learned from a young age how to be a momma
17. I miss my grandparents everyday and wish they were here so I could ask them questions about the war, their farms, picking up coal off the railroad tracks to pay for college, giving to others and how they met
18. Never thought I would be making a living by setting gumball machines, pool tables, video games, vending machines and juke boxes
19. I love love love going to thrift stores and antiquing with my sweetie pie dumpling and watching him look for one thing, vintage gumball machines
20. I love just riding around and exploring new places on a Sunday afternoon
OK folks so there you have it, my first 20 things about me. That was kinda hard hopefully I'll dream of more things for tomorrow. Now leave me one thing about yourself so you can be entered into the drawing and I can learn more about my AWESOME bloggy friends!!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 200 posts!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a librarian or a paleontologist.