Thursday, March 5, 2009

" I made it with my own two hands "

You see this picture below of my sister Miranda, yeah that's my work of art, her hair I mean. Don't you just love it, I think it gives her character, I mean she loves short hair now and I think it has to do with me, ya think. When I was little I always knew I wanted to do hair, I would constantly book Barbie and her friends an appointment with me and she would try all the new looks and not complain one bit. She had layers, bangs, Mohawk, short stubby hair and yes my friends, hair color. So one day I set out on some new prey, my baby sister Miranda. Now we did everything together and were the best of friends, so I knew she wouldn't mind if I cut her hair and not mom , she's was only 4 and trusted her big sister and what not. So one day she booked or should I say I booked her an appointment with me at 2:00 because we liked to watch the soap operas while we played and I knew that would distract her. So I got my granny's big knitting scissors and asked "would you like me to cut your hair?" and she replied "yes". So off I went to cutting, now she had beautiful curly locks of golden brown hair that was at her shoulders and looked gorgeous in an up do and all. So when I finished she laughed and loved it, so I knew that the only thing to do now was to call my mom and say "hey granny took us to get our hair cut". My mom's reply was " I'll be home in 5 minutes" ha ha, I ran like the dickens and hid in the pantry. Now my granny was supposed to not tell where I was but she left me hanging and told my mom where to find me and I went running again. My mom cried and cried but Miranda lovedher new "do" and I thought it gave her character. I then went on to beauty school when I graduated high school and loved it. So you see I started early and my mom can only blame herself because she is the one that gave me my first perm at age 3 and I knew right then and there that a "hair dresser" was born.
Here's me in my truest form with the little smirk on my face. You can still find that famous smirk today. As you can tell I had glitter eye shadow and my famous perm that I sported with pleasure. I was the only child in 3rd grade that had color and talked about her "roots". Oh to be the child of a hair dresser is such fun. I have been to too many hair shows and been models in shows and had every type of hairstyle and color you can think of. And yes when my mom gets old I will still color and roller set her hair.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Michele said...

You're tooo funny! My Cassie was the same way - she loved to do all her dolls hair and told me one day that she wanted to be a hairdresser! Nowadays tho, she calls it "cosmetologist"! She will graduate in September from the Martin's School of Cosmetology in Green Bay! I wish she would have thought of this before I paid $18,000 for her to go to University of Minnesota last year!