Friday, March 6, 2009

You know your old when your siblings are getting older HAHAHA

Yes my friends I am 28 going on 29 and the oldest of 5 brothers and sisters. Yesterday I caught my baby brother Ronald on Facebook say he had a girlfriend and that didn't settle right with seeming that he is 13 and still "my baby" hahaha. So I thought I would give you all a recap of my siblings and what nots. Miranda my 25 year old sister is in school to become a nurse and loves it. She also is going to be my model for my skirt that I have designed and we like to get coffee and chat about the latest gossip.

JW my 19 year old brother is on the volunteer fire department in Greensboro and loves it. He is in school for fire science and also to be an EMT. I worry about him because I don't want to see anything happen to him, he's so smart and sweet and has the biggest heart.
My baby Elizabeth, the apple of my eye, my suga dumpling is 11 and growing up so fast. Her language has done a 360 this year and she has begun to play the recorder. I love hearing her play Hot Cross Buns and Old MacDonald, so sweet. Also since we all know Sign Language, she has begun to get books at the library and has been teaching herself new signs. Who couldn't love that sweet little dumpling :)

And last but not least my "cuddles" Ronald who just turned 13 and is acting so grown. He has just finished basketball and won most of his games. He can play so well and is going to a basketball camp this summer. He is also going to be in the play Suessical at school. He is a "who" and the understudy for the mayor, although the kid that got the mayor doesn't show up for rehearsal so maybe my "cuddles" will get the lead part. And he likes girls which I told him he needed to focus on his schooling and leave those little tramps alone hahaha. I love you my little photography model.
So there you have a recap of the lives of the most precious people in my life. As for me, I am embracing that I am the oldest and can't be the second "mommy" any more and can't take control like I like. For now I'm off to stalk my brother JW, the heartthrob in the fireman uniform on Facebook and steer those hoochies away from him, because we all know ladies like a man in uniform HAHAHAH. Have a great weekend!!!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Michele said...

You're too funny! Your siblings sound wonderful and it's no wonder you like to play "mommy" for them. I would too! You're very lucky to have they are to have you!

Enjoy your weekend!