Friday, March 13, 2009

In which I play in the shower with my clothes on

When I was little my Wednesday nights consumed of going to church, chowing down and learning about the Lord. Now as you know I was kinda a diva when I was young as is I am now. I had my share of cute outfits and some all time faves. One of my faves, was a white jumper that had seahorses, shells and sunglasses on it and had short sleeves and shorts for bottoms. As you have witnessed in past posts, I liked to get messy or should I say creative, yeah that's better. Well one Wednesday night we were getting ready to go to church, my granny had baked an awesome casserole and chocolate cake and I was in the bathroom pondering on if I should get in the tub with my clothes on. Well the water got the best of me and in I went shoes (my hot pink jellies) and all. After being in there for a few minutes I realized what I had done and panicked. I jumped out and tried to dry off but it was no use, I would ultimately have to change outfits. As I was frantically looking for some new cute duds and naked like a jay bird, my granny finds me in shambles. She quickly got me dressed and yes my perm was wet and frizzy. So the point to my story and I swear I'll find something funnier next week, was that was end of me getting messy in my cute duds. I don't know why I did it but I know I had fun and liked the feeling of being free and messy.

I'm off to make nachos for my sweetums and I did make some chocolate dipped coconut cookies for him too. Hope y'all have a fun freaky Friday and I some new items that will hit the shop on Monday.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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