Friday, April 3, 2009

The last 20

Hello friends sorry I am so late with the last post of 20 but I have been very sick and also having to deal with some family medical issues. So here we are with the last 20 hope you enjoy!!
1. My fave color is purple
2. have a real Kimono from Japan. My step uncle is a high ranking officer
3. my mom gave me my love of hair and all things beauty
4. inherited a little drama from my mama
5. my best friend Mary always stood up for me when someone called me fat
6. scared of thunderstorms
7. love movie popcorn and movie iced cold cola
8. always making up recipes in my head
9. made cinnamon sugar pork chops and rice and LOVED IT!
10. love smelling books
11. love the way Mike puts his family and faith first above anything else
12. love shrimp salads with bleu cheese dressing
13. love the "black" croutons at Ruby Tuesdays
14. protested for the deaf and hard of hearing for my baby sister
15. love the sunshine at 1:00 PM
16. love cheese grits for any meal
17. love "black" coffee, my granny got me hooked at a young age
18. love anything the color coral
19. absolutely love and cherish the day I met my husband
20. I love love love love my Mike and can't believe I am so blessed and lucky to have him, especially now.
OK so there you have my 100 things about me and only me, HE HA.
P.S Please pray for my dad as he as to have another MRI this week to check to make sure he is OK. He has MS and it has progressed very rapidly over the last 10 years and just recently has been having shooting pains in his head that make him sick and doubled over in pain. The doctor just wants to run some tests just to rule out other possibilities that don't relate to his MS.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Michele said...

Hi Molly ~ you mean I won???!!! Yippeee! My address is:

Michele Szot, 4401 1st Street, Kenosha, WI 53144

Thanks..and have a great week!