Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday celebration

Me and JW before he left to go to the rodeo.
JW sporting his uniform!

Me and my sissy Miranda at the Celebration of Tables.

I know its blurry but I love this picture of Miranda.

My gift bags are to the left of my plate.

My step momma table, she gets the vases every year in the mountains and the artist has work in the Smithsonian!

On Saturday I had the privilege to help my step momma at her church. Every year they put on a luncheon called "The Celebration of Tables", in which they pick a verse out of the bible and decorate their table according to the verse. Her table was about the legend of the Dogwood Tree. It was beautiful. I made the giveaway bags with bracelets and brooches inside and printed out the dogwood legend to place under their plates. After the ceremony we went back to my dad's house and grilled out. My 1st cousin Sissy was there with her son Josh and we had a blast talking about old times with the family. My baby brother JW had to go and patrol the rodeo that night and showed us his uniform so you know I had to snap some pictures of him. Tomorrow I will tell all about the reunion we to yesterday.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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