Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Barbour Reunion

Happy Tuesday friends!! OK so here's the story of the famous Barbour reunion. My mom was adopted by my sweet granny when she a few months old, so we are not "blood" related to the Barbour's but that doesn't matter. We were greeted with hugs and funny stories of my granny and a big 'ol southern spread. I had fried cornbread, which I had not had in years, fried chicken, my aunt Carol's famous pimento cheese sandwich's and some yummy shrimp and grits. Then for dessert I had some awesome sweet potato pie and a smidgen of banana pudding, me and my baby Ronald shared some buttermilk custard pie. There were some old pictures of my granny that I had not seen and she was so gorgeous. I love the one where she was graduating nursing school and she was in her uniform, it was so vintage. There were two old guys, they were her first cousins that knew her well and told us some stories of when they were little. Oh I wish she could have been there to enjoy visiting with family and eating some good 'ol southern food. All in all we had a grand time and I am glad that we went and met my granny's family. Sorry there are no pictures but I spent most of my time snapping away pictures of Elizabeth on an old train caboose, I will post those pictures later. Hope y'all have a great day!!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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