Friday, May 22, 2009

The Leader of the pack...Vrroom..Vrroom

Way back when I was in elementary school there was a little thing called the Talent Show, oh you know me and my sis had to be in it. One year my mom teased our hair we sang to Pasty Cline, but it was out shining moment when we decided to venture out and do something different. My mom used to let us listen to her records when we were little and we fell in love with the Shangri-La's. Oh we thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. So me and my sis decided to sing one of their songs that year in the talent show and we chose The Leader of the Pack as our song. We got decked out in our finest '60's gear and my mom made our bikes look like motorcycles. Well the night of show had come and me and my sis get on stage and prepare to rock it out!. We get mid song and the sound system goes Ker plunk and we end up singing the rest acoustic style (I think that's the right word?). After our performance we got a standing ovation and loved every minute of it. To celebrate my took us to Hardee's (it doesn't take much to please us) and we chowed down on burgers and shakes. I wish I had some pictures to show but their at my mom's house and I'd have to search high and low for them, trust me. But I did include the song on my play list for your enjoyment, HA HA. I hope you all have an awesome weekend and be safe on the roads.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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