Monday, June 15, 2009

A biddy coop and hotness

Oh my gosh was this weekend HOT!! I can usually take the heat since I worked in it for two years helping my sweetie deliver packages but Saturday it was a scorcher. The breeze blew not cool air but hot air and it was steamy and just miserable but as Joel Osteen says " I wasn't going to let it steal my joy" and me and Mike made the best of it. We started out in Wake Forest for a haircut and then to get me some supplies and then to move some equipment around. We have five pieces at a flea market and I scored a cute ruffle top for five bucks. We then made our way back home and ate dinner at the C&H cafeteria, which is one of our favorite joints to eat. You can a meat, two veggies, bread, drink and dessert for cheap. Then I convinced Mike that I needed some new shoes for church so we ended up in the mall.
But what I really wanted to tell you is that we have our biddy coop built. Mike built it in about an hour and it is too cute. The end of July can't get here fast enough. I think we might go and get one biddy from a local guy just so we can have one now. We would buy from him but he mixes all his chickens and doesn't have full breeds. And if Mike is going to do something he wants it done right so he wants all full bred chickens, I can't blame him. Yesterday we went to Home Depot and found their scrap bin and paid only five bucks for the wood we needed to build our biddy coop. We then headed over to the Lowe's for chicken wire and some precut wood Mike wanted for the coop as well. I would have taken a picture but silly me didn't charge my batteries so I'll post one tomorrow. It really is a cute coop!!
I will have some new jewelry in the shop later today. I have to resize my photos so etsy can pload them.
Until I blog again~ Gal Molly

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