Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My beloved Charlie

Here is a small picture of Ella, Charlie's wife. Yesterday Charlie went to duck heaven because he was hit by an idiot that knew he was there in the grass but didn't care. We live on about 10 acres of farmland and to get to our house you have to drive on a winding dirt path, this is where Ella and Charlie hang out most of the day. They would wait until they saw our car and would follow us down to our house. These ducks are big mind you and not small so I know the person that hit him had to feel it. Ella has been in mourning ever since, she was calling for help when we arrived home yesterday. Mike is now looking for a mail order husband for Ella so she won't be alone. Ella and Charlie just had babies and I know she needs some support. I am trying to make light of this situation as I am so mad at the person who did this. I know there are some teenagers that live at the beginning of the path and they like to ride rough in the dirt. Plus I saw tire tracks and Charlie was far enough in the grass and away from the path. Rest in peace my little friend, I will try to find Ella a suitable husband:)

Until I blog again ~Gal Molly

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Michele said...

How horrible...some kids don't care about anything but themselves. Good luck in finding Ella a hubby...she'll be so happy when you do!