Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello Lover....Shorty's Hot Dogs

Way back before I met my sweetum's I would only eat hot dogs at a little place called The Dog House. It was cute, quaint and you could drive up grab a dog and go. My grandaddy and I would eat there at least three times a week and get two boxers, french fry and their famous lemonade. Now you might be asking yourself what a boxer dog is, well it consists of mustard, ketchup, chili and onions, ooh it was so tasty. Now if my sweet grandaddy were still here I would take him down to Wake Forest for a Shorty's Hot Dog, he would love it I know. When I met my sweetum's five years ago he took me there for lunch one day and I was hooked. Yes you could have offered me fillet Mignon and I would have passed you up for a delicious dog. They do not lie when they say "Heaven in a bun" as their slogan, it truly is. Not only are their hot dogs out of this world but we have equipment in there so it is a win win situation. I would marry that hot dog if I could. A Shorty's hot dog consists of ketchup, homemade chili and cut on the spot onions. I had the privilege of eating there Saturday while we were out and about. So with that said if you are ever in Wake Forest NC please stop by Shorty's Famous Hot Dogs you won't be disappointed and look for our gumball, candy and bouncing ball machines too.
Until I blog again ~Gal Molly

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