Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Beards Bride and Pink Paisley

Meet Paisley, Pink Paisley. This is my first ever pillowcase dress, yes you read that right my friends. I made this dress way back in March but never posted it because I couldn't figure out the size for a child. So today I just said the heck with it and measured it length and width wise and now it can go to a home who can let their precious baby from God wear it proudly.
Meet Black Beards Bride, the funky knotty necklace! This necklace was inspired by the beach and my beloved Black Beards Bride store, located in Wilmington NC, that is now closed due to the stinky economy.

Isn't she cute in all her black and white glory!

Run quickly to my site, to snatch this little fancy up!

I have a few more funky knotty necklaces hitting the shop next week in trendy more colors and designs!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Anonymous said...

Hi Molly! the Marie Antoinette tag arrived from you today. beautiful! yours in on it's way to you.
:) Missy
ps. i'm loving your new rose background!