Friday, July 17, 2009

A haunting...revised

Me as a little devil. I had glitter eye shadow, red spray in my hair and pitch fork and pointy tail.

Ever since I was little I have always loved ghost stories, Halloween, scary movies(mild ones) and walking through graveyards to see who lies beneath. When I met Mike he introduced me to a whole new world of real life haunting's down in Wilmington NC. We go on the Ghost of Old Wilmington quite frequently and Mike has made friends with the owner and our favorite guide, also named Mike. I don't find the whole being frightened by ghosts all that appeasing but more of the history and the learning of the families and why people think they still haunt a particular area. When I was little and school went back into session in September, I knew three of my favorite holidays would be taking place. First my birthday which is September 23, my sister's birthday on October 15 and my favorite Halloween. In September I would start planning my costume and making all sorts of fall and Halloween decorations. One year my mom bought me a kit that you could make a witch mask and paint. I loved it and to this day I don't know what happened to her, Ethel was her name and I think she might have gotten tossed in the trash when we moved ten years ago. I'm not sure how my love affair with Halloween started, it could have been because my mom would make us the most elaborate costumes you have ever seen and we would listen to Micheal Jackson's Thriller and her other scary music tape all day on Halloween.

This week I started reading some of our books we got in Wilmington about the haunted Cape Fear and my favorite book called Ghosts of Old Wilmington written and signed by the owner of the Ghost Walk. Two years ago we were in his group and after about a two half hour tour he gave us books and signed ours. It reads, To Mike and Molly, wishing you many happy haunts and nightmares ~ John. We love this book and keep it on our coffee table. Re-reading some of these books has re freshened my memory about some of the tales of haunt and fright and memories of me and Mike at the beach listening to the tales.

So now on to my little haunt that has conjured up many a conversation. Last week I told of hearing footsteps in my hallway and hearing a shuffling of something around our bed. Yesterday afternoon as I was having a cup of tea and reading I thought I heard something in the hallway again. I looked up and nothing, I began reading again. A few minutes later I heard the shuffling and looked up. When I looked up I felt the hairs on my neck stand up and I felt very cold. The odd thing about this is I felt calm and no fear. I am wondering who this haunt is and why they are here. Maybe I will find out soon until then I'll have to wait.....

Until I haunt again ~ Gal Molly

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