Thursday, July 16, 2009

My husband has some Famous Roots

Mike has this picture of Jay and Ricky Steamboat hanging in his office! Jay is on the left and Ricky is on the right.
Clay Aiken played a many a tonka truck games with Mike!

In few posts last summer I talked about how Jay Youngblood was my husbands brother in-law. If none of you know who he is, he is a famous wrestler. Last night Mike talked a lot of him and this thus sparked me to write a post about his experience. Mike is the whole cause of his sister meeting him. One night while at a wrestling match, Mike ran off and his sister chased him and she bumped into Jay. From then on love was alive. Jay would come and eat lunch with at school and let him ring the bell at all his matches. Mike has met a slew of wrestlers including Ric Flair (his all time favorite), Dusty Rhodes and so on. Now I know why he loves wrestling so much!

I might also need to add that he is related to Clay Aiken. I know right, I was blown away when he told me five years ago when we met and thought he was just saying that to keep getting dates. Mike's brother married Clay Aiken's sister and so that's how they are related. So me being nosey and all asked him if they ever hung out or whatnot. He said they used to play together at his brothers house and hung out with all the cousins. I am not trying to brag but I think it's kinda cool that my husband, all the way from Benson NC (Johnston county), farm country, home of big trucks and cows, is related to very famous people. Very cool in my book!!

I wonder how many people are related to famous people if they did their family tree? Hmmm, I'd like to look at mine :)

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly


Maria Rose said...

I'm related (distantly) to Lorenzo Lamas...

Anonymous said...

wow! that is so awesome!
acording to the family tree, I am related to both pres. George W. Bush and Pres. Obama. WIERD!!!
:) Missy