Friday, July 10, 2009

oh what you say.....funky new stuff huh?! and a beach babe..

Here's my baby Ronald giving me the peace sign, isn't he precious.
Messy rhinestone dear pin just hit the shop, so run don't walk and snatch it up. It has 6 layers of tulle and trendy fabric all held together with a rhinestone button and flat back pin. I made one for my baby sister and she has it on her jean jacket, too cute!

Funky knotty necklace just graced herself into my shop as well on this lovely July afternoon. I used a aqua polka dotted fabric and a cute little jungle print. The jungle print has a green alligator, hot blue iguana and a pink hippo on it. I made one for myself last weekend to celebrate out lovely country and had the most gracious compliments. So again I say run don't walk , over to my shop and snatch it up.
I will have more funky knotty necklaces next week with more fabrics to choose from.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Maria Rose said...

I love your knotty necklace. I made one for myself not too long ago, but yours is very lovely and summery.