Monday, July 13, 2009 potatoes

I love this picture of shug and shugette. Too cute and so genuine! Last night we watched for the 3rd, yes I said 3rd, time the movie Faith Like Potatoes. I love this movie and fall in love with God all over again every time I watch it. You need to run to your local Christian book store or movie rental store and watch it, you will be amazed at this true story. I look at my faith in God just like the title says, Faith Like Potatoes. When you plant a potato you can't see it grow unlike corn, beans or tomatoes, because they grow under ground. You just have to have Faith that they are growing and you have a wonderful harvest. My Faith is like that with God, I may not can see him but I know he is there and will guide through life. I may not know what he has in store for us when he tells us do something but in the end we reap the fabulous results. Two months ago Mike, me and Ronald went to our local Meet in the Street, which is where local artists, farmers and vendors setup and sell their items. It is fun all around. I met a miniature horse named Sassy that had been rescued from a bad home, I wanted to take her home. Ronald also bought some coins from around the world and later realized he had some awesome finds and looked them up in a book to research them. This is also where we discovered chickens. Mike saw them from across the street and ran to them. We met a man that had put together a book full of advice for getting a permit for your chickens and building a coop. Since we live in the country we don't need to get permission from neighbors if we can have chickens, we are actually looking at cattle (more on that later). Mike talked to the man for about 30 minutes and bought his book. We even went to his house and looked at his chickens and got a feel of their lifestyle. When we were driving home I asked Mike what he was thinking and he told me that he had been praying for a while about something he though God was telling him. For the past six months we have been trying to cut our bills so if the economy gets any worse we would be able to live. He said he wanted to chickens for eggs and I thought well at least we won't have to buy them at the grocery store. A few days later Mike told me he wanted to sell the eggs and donate some of them to local shelters and families that needed them. I thought this was great but was wondering how many chickens we would need to supply that thought. About a month ago Mike ordered 25 chickens and they will be arriving next week. Our next quest was to build a biddy coop. Mike pondered on this for weeks before he came up with what he wanted it to look like. We ended up at the Home Depot and got all of our supplies for $30, we found their rummage bin and found everything we needed with the exception of the chicken wire. Mike came home and built the biddy coop within an hour. Mike wants 5 coops and to be able to setup at farmers markets, sell to local stores and to donate the eggs to shelters and families that need the eggs. When are little biddy's arrive we will have six weeks to build their coop, so Mike had been planning and drawing what he wants it to look like. I'm not sure where this will all lead but I know God has a plan for us. Sometimes you might think it's crazy but there is always a purpose in what God sets out for our lives. You just have to have Potatoe's!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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