Monday, August 3, 2009

Flea Market

Welcome to my first ever blog flea market!! End of summer hoopla!! This week I will be featuring some items that I had at my flea market here in town, at an end of summer discount. Each day I will feature five more products and starting next week I will featuring my flea market on Mondays and Fridays.
Today I am featuring these cute little sun bags. These bags flew right out my tent at the flea market this summer! They measure 19 inches long and 12 inches wide. They are very roomy and have a zippered closure as well as a zippered pouch on the inside for your goodies. This first one was a favorite. It has little iridescent glitter circles scattered throughout the design and has a satiny feel. I love the little bubble designs! I have a pink and purple one listed below.

Here is a navy and white circle sun bag. These come in a variety of colors:light pink, aqua and red. Same measurements as above and same zippered features.

Here is the aqua sun bag. I love this color, you could wear this with jeans and a tee. Again same measurements and zippered features as above.

Here is another favorite of mine, the red polka dot sun bag. You could actually wear this into early fall. Again same measurements and zippered features as above.

Here is the pink and purple bag just like the green bag above. Again there are little iridescent glittered circles scattered throughout the design, same measurements and zippered features as above.

These cute and trendy sun bags are priced at only $4.00! To get this shipped to you will only cost $3.00! These bags are at a bargain rate and could get you into early fall or you could buy them for next spring summer. I could not keep these in my tent at the flea market this summer, all the ladies loved them! Please leave me a comment or email me at: for payment options and for your address to ship these little goodies off to you. Have a happy Monday!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly
P.S. Some funky jewelry tomorrow!!

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Those are super cute!