Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shirley finally at home with the Lord

As I sit here and type this tears are streaming down my face. My best friend Shirley lost her second battle with cancer Tuesday morning. I got the message in an email from our old church yesterday afternoon. I sobbed for about an hour as Mike read what it said and held me as I cried for my friend. Shirley was an old maid that lived with her sister and their many dogs. We worked together on Wednesday nights in our church nursery. We talked about everything, she even helped me with wedding ideas four years ago. I could tell her anything and not have a feeling that she was judging me although many people judged her. Shirley had overcome cancer almost ten years ago and last summer it came back with a vengeance. Most kids were scared of her due to her having bald spots on her head from losing her hair to cancer, but she was loving and I loved her. Some people judged her by where she lived and what car she drove but not me. We were on the same page and knew where we had come from. She would often tell me about how her sister wanted "to go home first" because she didn't want to be alone. Her sister didn't get her wish. Shirley would come in on Wednesday nights with a circular from the mail and we would plan grocery trips for on sale items. I will miss our "Wednesday night chats", only she knows about those. I couldn't go to her funeral today because I am so over whelmed with emotion. You see I hadn't talked to Shirley in over a year. She stopped coming to church on Sundays due to feeling like she was lower than those that went to our church. Eventually I quit Wednesday nights when she did because I missed my friend. One Sunday last spring I saw her name on the prayer board in our fellowship hall. I asked another dear friend what was wrong with her and he had told me about her cancer coming back. I told him I would call Shirley to see how she was doing, I never made that phone call. A week later my appendix ruptured and I was sick all summer long and then got busy with my life. I forgot Shirley, my non judging friend, my Wednesday night buddy. I hope she knows just how much she impacted my life and I will cherish her friendship forever. I wish I had seen her one last time to tell her goodbye and that I would see her soon when I get to Heaven. I wish I had made that phone call and talked to her. Shirley my friend you will truly be missed by me and our secret chats on Wednesday nights are safe with me. Love you Shirley!
~Gal Molly


Anonymous said...

wow I am crying too. I am so sorry for your loss sweetie. God has a special place for women like her and you. I know she is watching you as you read this. Be strong and you will see her again one day! Big hugs-sarah

Michele said...

I'm so sorry for your loss...she is in a special place with our Lord and he will watch over her forever.

Big hugz,

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dear friend Molly. My prayers are with you. I'm sure she knows how very much you love her.~~~All my prayers, Deborah