Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last days of summer and a shabby headband

With only two weeks before shug and shugette go back to school, they are soaking every last minute in. Ronald found out his homeroom teacher yesterday and Elizabeth is busy watching movies all day. Here they are at the beach a week ago boogie boarding and searching for shark's teeth. Now if they could just shrink back to being babies and snuggling in bed with me, but God has his own plan for their little precious lives.
Here is my latest creation, Satiny Shabby Yellow Headband. I made one for Elizabeth and her little friend to wear to school, they loved them. I used yellow satin fabric to cover the headband and then hand sewed the blooms on the side. I am making more in different colors and for the upcoming holiday's. Like my model, shes from beauty school ten years ago. I used her for hair pieces and wigs, love her. I lost my model head that had hair on it when I got married and moved from my mom's house. May she rest in peace in hair heaven:) More yummies coming to the shop tomorrow, hopefully I'll get rid of this sinus infection soon, it's dragging me down. Happy Wednesday!!!
Until I blog again ~Gal Molly

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