Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And I got the job as food guru

Last night as I was plundering through my cook books I came across a recipe that I had written about nearly 17 years ago. 17 years ago I was in middle school and loving it. My sixth grade year I was on the school newspaper. I had wanted the job as one of the interviewers but as luck had it I got the job as the food columnist.
At first I didn't like the fact that I would be posting weekly recipes and experimenting with foods. I came home that afternoon and told my grandaddy that I had made the school newspaper. He was thrilled! He then asked me what I was going to print it out on. I had no clue, we didn't have a computer or typewriter. I had originally planned on going to my friends house and typing it out there. My grandaddy looked at me and said "we need to get you a typewriter". I was instantly in heaven and loved my new school "job".
We set out the next afternoon in search of the perfect typewriter. We went to many different places but we couldn't find the right one. On the way home we stopped by a used electronics shop. When we walked in we looked around and then we saw "it" sitting all alone on the lonely counter. My grandaddy asked if it worked well and how much it was. The clerk told us it had been used once by an elderly gentleman that didn't want it anymore. My grandaddy was sold and off we went to the house to play. My grandaddy bought me the finest paper and ink so I would be great at my job. When we got home he asked me what recipe I was going to write about in my column. I was puzzled, I didn't know what I was going to write about or which recipe. He gave me my granny's recipe boxes and said that everything I needed would be in there, he was right.
My first column was about Russian Tea, my fave. I wrote about the tastes, texture and how to make it. I even wrote about how to gift it. When I showed my grandaddy my finished draft he loved it. It wasn't long after that, that I was whipping out recipe after recipe, review after review. I got rave reviews on my quick after school snacks and Christmas goodies. Then the paper was shut down after a few months because we couldn't afford to keep it going. I was crushed. My once hate for being the food columnist had turned into a love of it. A love of getting great reviews and making peoples bellies happy. My grandaddy tried to cheer me up with a new stack of pink paper to type on but I was saddened. Through the years the typewriter broke and I threw it away. I wish I hadn't because it held so many memories of me and my grandaddy laughing and deciding which recipes to write about. A few weeks ago Mike and I were at the Office Depot and I saw a replica of the same typewriter. I think I might be getting it for Christmas. Now that would be sweet!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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