Thursday, September 24, 2009

In True Life as said by Ronald

"True Life" is what I hear when Ronald is telling a true story or asking if something is true. I have come to start saying it as well. About a month ago I watched my baby brother and sister for a week before school let in and we.had.a.blast! We did crafts, ate at Subway too many times, watched movies and told ghost stories while it thundered outside. On the day it thunder stormed we told some "true life" ghost stories that freaked us out. I came home wanting to leave all the lights on and slept with the covers over my head. HA HA, yes I do that on a regular basis :) I'm a fraidy cat! We shall call the story, Haunted Little Street.
When my daddy was little he lived on a street with not a lot of other houses around except one that was at the end. Foreword: my daddy came from nothing and I mean nothing, so to him this was a treat to go inside a real haunted house. He had an out house, 9 siblings, ate squirrel, had a shirt with someone else's name on it for picture day( he got it from the salvation army) and lost his daddy at age nine. Him and his brother Bill had always heard that a doctor lived in the house and did all sorts of things, maybe even experiments on people. I know spooky right! One night they decided to go and look inside one of the windows. When they finally reached the house it was well past midnight and the moon was high and fog was low. They peered inside and saw metal tables, all sorts of instruments, doctors coat with stains on it (maybe blood) and a long staircase that lead upstairs and downstairs. They decided they would get more friends to come because they thought the more people with them the more likely no ghosts would jump out at them.
The next night they had rounded up about three extra friends and decided to enter the old house. The door creaked when they opened it and the floors moaned. They started walking up the stairs to investigate. As they were entering the examining room they felt a sharp cold air hit their bodies. They also heard footsteps coming down the hall. My daddy says he has never ran that fast before in his life since that night. The doctor was still there in spirit.
I could go on and on of all the ghost stories my daddy has, especially the one about the ghost that held on to the side of my maw maws car, ooh scary.
This is a "true life" ghost story as Ronald would say and after we heard our round of stories that day we were still scared in the daylight.
Do you have any "true life" ghost stories? If you do I would love to hear them. Have a happy Thursday!!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

Goodness me.... I am very good at scaring myself but that's a scary image you just painted and its not even halloween yet... do you decorate at Halloween? we do but unfortunately not many others do

Sounds like a really scary house though... I haven't got a "true life" ghost story, I have scarred myself thinking I have seen something but I am a big scardy cat and hate the dark...

x Alex