Monday, September 28, 2009

3 days left!!

Whoa Nelly!! There are only three days left to act on the 20% off sale in my shop!! Run on over there and browse awhile!!
Other news in the Pearce household, is that I am embarking on a new adventure in jewelry making. I have found the coolest little shop where I live, I didn't even know it existed! A little shop tucked in the corner of the block hidden by trees and flowers. I would love to work there but I know my whole paycheck would go right back to them, HA HA. I spent hour upon hour there this past week and found lots of neat and funky things to make fabulous jewelry. Can't wait to show you my creations!
I have also eaten enough cake for 20 million people this past week in honor of my birthday. My mom took me out for dinner and brought a huge cake and then sent it home with me. Then my dad gave me a cake to take home as well. I will not be craving cake for a while. Have you ever eaten so much of something the thought makes you sick?
I'll be back tomorrow with a normal post and some pictures of the goods I got at the bead shop!!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly
P.S. you like the new song on here? Me and Mike were listening to the radio Friday night in the kitchen and this song by Cascada came on and we jammed while washing dishes, HA HA!! Hope it makes you jam too!!

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A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Molly!
Just a note about the Letter Writing Swap. Are you still keen to take part? If so please pop over to my blog, where you'll find a button on the sidebar which links to the list of partners. Your partner is Pink Feather Paradise.
But if you'd rather not take part after all, please can you let me know?