Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today I got my hair done, thank the Lord! My "roots" needed touching up and I needed some brown in there for fall and I got a trim. Yeah I look good :) HAHAHA!! I will have to have Mike take a picture of me with my newly fresh "do". Anyways, my mom has a slew of super nice clients and every time I go in to get my hair done I get to see them and meet new ones. Its always fun to reminisce on the days when I used to work there. Oh I had too much fun. Today I met one of my moms sweetest clients, Johnny. She told me that he was sweet, caring and about his pierced ears. So I asked what she meant by the pierced ears and she said, "they were each person he saved". Again I asked what she meant and she said, " he was a 9/11 firefighter". All I could say was "wow". Although I didn't ask him about that day he was very nice and had a demure personality. When he left my mom told me that he couldn't ever talk about that day because of how tragic it was. I could look into his eyes and tell he was a hero and that he loved helping others. Funny the people you meet in life. I would have never thought I would get the chance to meet a 9/11 survivor or rescuer. September is a bittersweet month for me, one its my birthday and two its 9/11. I remember that year when my birthday came around thinking "how can I celebrate another year when so many lost their lives". I now look at it as a triumph that I have an additional year because we don't know what's going to happen the next week, day or hour. Life is precious hold on to it, enjoy it. On 9/11 I can remember driving to work, just dropped off my baby brother Ronald at school and hearing that a plane crashed in New York, then another, I panicked. Not knowing what was happening I rushed to the beauty shop and told my mom. Two hours later school was canceled and I learned the truth. I will never forget that feeling of helplessness and that God was with me. That's why when I met Johnny today I can never know what he must have felt or seen that day. He has seven earrings for seven people.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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