Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And that was the last of the ice capades!

About ten years ago me and my mom decided to take Ronald to see The Wizard of Oz on ice, also know as the ice capades. We had bought awesome seats and were right up next to the ice. When we arrived we got popcorn, drinks, twirly lights and all kinds of ice capades junk. We went to find our seats and get settled, little Ronald was so excited to be there Soon the lights grew dim and Dorothy comes skating out with Toto and singing. As she is singing and skating around the munchkins push the house out onto the ice. All of a sudden we see green smoke and hear a witch coming for Dorothy and the house being jacked up in the air. At this point Ronald is screaming so loud you would think someone was dieing. We took turns taking him out and getting him treats and trying to talk him into staying, but it was over. We came home and we never talked of the ice capades again.
He still remembers that awful day and tells me he had fun eating all that junk food. Hope you all's Tuesday is going great! I have some new designs that should be ready by weeks end, just waiting on supplies to get here.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly
P.S. Hope I spelled capades right :)

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