Friday, October 2, 2009

On October 3rd she said....

Howdy folks!! I found these pictures on my sisters facebook page and thought I would share. The first one was taken on the 4Th of July at Georges Diner or as Elizabeth calls it "gogee's diner", love her! You see "whitey" to the right, yes Ronald had my mom bleach his hair for the summer. Oh he was too cute! Love the flag drawing Elizabeth made!
This is Jing, Elizabeth's best friend. They met in Kindergarten in their hearing impaired class and have been together since. It is so funny to listen to them talk without their cochlear implants on, because they are talking to the top of their lungs and can't hear each other, but they can read each others lips. They are like two old ladies together, playing board games and making up the rules as they go. I saw on my sister's facebook where they had been chatting and they both told each other that they loved one another, so sweet. Seriously I could eat Ronald and Elizabeth up with bread. Love how she drew the hearts and wrote out "best friend".
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly
P to the S . More scary stories to come Monday!!!

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