Thursday, October 22, 2009

Custom Embellishment Rings

Happy Thursday y'all! Here is my latest creation, Custom Embellishment Rings! The one pictured above is mine :) I can't tell you how many compliments I have gotten on this trendy little ring. It really is a showstopping piece if I might say. The ring is sterling silver and has fresh water pearls and crystal beads attached to the top. I am currently out of the solid sterling silver ring but I have a slew of other sterling silver rings that have scroll work on them, as seen below. Also I have some that are mostly solid but have a piece of scroll work on the side. I made one for a chick that had the scroll work on it and it turned out beautiful. I can have rings from size 5 to size 9.
Here is the ring with the scroll work and funky colored beads all around.

Here are some of the beads that I have used in making these beautiful rings. All beads are Czech glass, are vibrant in color and shine bright.

These beads are little squares and look very unique mixed with the round beads.

This mix has about four different colored beads. It has a matte topaz, clear topaz, a darker topaz and a light topaz. They look really stunning all together.

Here is one of my favorite mixes! I do have a Cherokee background so maybe that's why ;) This mix has an array of turquoise, black, red, brown, deep emerald green and two different light browns. This mix looks great with anything in your wardrobe!

Ahhh, the teal mix, reminds me of the beach. This mix has a metallic teal, a clear teal, a dark clear teal and goldish teal beads. You could actually mix some of these beads up with the Topaz mix.

The Hawaii mix reminds me of a lotus flower. In this mix there is light pink pearl, clear pink, dark hot fuchsia and black metallic beads. Very, very beautiful!

Here is another metallic square bead in pink. You could mix this with any of the beads I have listed here for a truly unique look.

This square metallic bead is really pretty, my picture doesn't do it justice. Again you could mix it with any of the beads seen above, especially the Topaz mix.

Here is another favorite of mine, the seafoam mix, very beachy. This mix could be mixed with the pink metallic square, the Topaz mix, the silver metallic square or you could make up your own design!
All rings will be custom made for you or whoever you are buying for. It will take about two weeks to get the ring made and shipped to you, probably sooner. I have had a really great time designing these beauties and know you will love your one of a kind ring. Each ring will come in a little silver box ready for gift giving or just to surprise yourself. All rings are made of sterling silver and come in sizes 5 through 9, if you need a bigger size let me know so I can find you one. Each ring is $40 with a $5 shipping charge for priority mail. These would make really unique Christmas gifts for folks on your list. If you would like to order a ring please email me at so we can get together on your creation, I will send you a invoice through paypal or I can make you listing in etsy under my shop name , there are some cute items in there as well and all Halloween cards are 10% off!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly
P.S If you would like smaller seed beads added on I have an array of colors and mixes to choose from too :)

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Altered Kat said...

Cool looking chunky rings there Molly - best of luck with them...they look really funky and fun.

Thanks for popping in with your thoughts and prayers...and a girly day would be WONDERFUL...dang, countries spaced so far apart ;o) Oh well, that's why we have imaginations...and I imagine it would be tons of fun, swapping ideas, supplies, creating and enjoying a good meal! Another time perhaps.

You take care & thanks for the offer!