Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Once upon a candy striper

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! When thinking of something to post about today I thought of A) Tour De Coop B) showing a new design or C) my dreams of becoming a nurse via a candy striper. So without further adue(hope I spelled that right) here's my story......

Way back when I was oh say in the 8Th grade I got a brilliant idea of becoming a nurse. My granny had been a nurse in the army and when she came home became a ER nurse at Duke. So like any little girl would I wanted to be like her. So the summer of 8Th grade me and mu friend Jennifer decided we would become candy striper's. Mostly because we wanted to wear the red and white outfit and the little hat. Our week of training goes great, no hick ups. On the following Monday we are told to meet in the lobby and they would assign us to which department we would be serving. Me and Jennifer wanted to be together and be on the baby floor, but that didn't happen. She was sent to the baby floor and I to the escort service. Now at first I was a little mad but when I finally got there I was in heaven. Nothing but a couple of old ladies sitting around a small room waiting for calls to take people down to their cars. They schooled me on what to do and where to go. My first job was to take magazines to the waiting areas and ask patients if they needed any new reading material. I soon got the privilege of escorting the patients in wheelchairs down to the car pool area. Very fun, especially pushing someone in a wheel chair! Now weeks went by and I did my same routine, shuttle someone out, shuttle some magazines around and shuttle someone out. Until one day they needed somebody on the baby floor, I nearly died, when they chose me. So off I go skirting my way up there trying to be a professional 14 year old. The elevator finally dings on my floor and there I see it, the babies. I go to the nurses station and ask where they need me. I was sent to a sweet little baby that had been dropped off by his mother and they needed someone just to sit and rock him. I was thrilled! We sat and rocked for a couple of hours, until a nurse came in and told me I needed to pick up some of kind of file for him. So she gives me directions and I go on my merry way. I notice when I got to the floor she said the file was on that it was a colder than normal. But if you know me I am a little naive so I thought nothing of it. Well there wasn't many rooms on this floor so I just went to each on looking at the door for the right one. Well I keep walking and suddenly I enter two double doors and instant coldness, not a good sign, but silly me kept walking. I finally saw another room and thought well this has got to be it. When I entered the room I saw metal doors in the wall and two bodies with blankets over them with little tags on their toes. Well my smartness finally kicked in and I realized this wasn't the file room. I freaked out and ran. I am not one for dead bodies and such, but hey I wanted to be a nurse remember, ha ha. I went back to the nurses station and asked her what was she thinking sending me there and showed her the directions she had written me. Come to find out she left out a 1 on the floor number, HA.

So needless to say my nursing days were over after that scare. I did finish my candy striper term out, in the escort service. One perk to being a candy striper, free food with my best friend Jennifer. Oh and a new pair of high top white converse too.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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