Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My tips for a homemade Christmas, yes I know it's only October 14

Yes you read the title correctly, I have been preparing myself for Christmas early this year. Last year in the middle of December I decided I would hand make every one's gift, hahahahaha yes please laugh at me because I laughed at myself several times when rushing to make said gifts. This year is gonna be different and I am gonna tell ya how.

I don't know if its my age or what but I love the simplicity of Christmas. I love baking just for "us" or finding that perfect vintage gift for someone special. I totally detest shopping at the mall for gifts, unless someone has requested a special item and they want it desperately. Last year I wanted to make all my family members a homemade gift. I made ribbon wreaths, funky banners for display, my own collection of fave recipes and turned it into a cookbook, sewing kits, a painted Bird house with little glittery birds on the posts and heat sacks. I also went to vintage stores and thrift shops to find little odds and ends to top off the gift giving. The joy I found in making these said gifts was amazing, not only was it handmade but it was made by me. Everyone loved their gifts and displayed them throughout their houses. They also loved me and Mikes collection of recipes and have made most of them this year. You can make most of gifts if you find out what they like, need and love. It also saves a ton of money and time and gives you more time to "enjoy" the season.

Don't try to out do it by picking too hard of projects to make or something you've never made before. There are a slew of tutorials online and you can find a lot of neat ideas on Martha Stewart. This year I am making all the girls in my family a hand stamped piece of jewelry and a no knit scarf in their favorite colors. I am going to place their items in a funky revamped canvas bag. Yeah no wrapping!! For the fabulous men in my life, well that's a little tricky. My brother J.W, who just got his black helmet and graduated fire academy, I am thinking of making him a hand stamped dog tag that says firefighter with a cross over it. Last year I bought him a bible geared towards firefighters, he loved it. My baby brother Ronald will most likely get a dog tag necklace too and probably something from a vintage shop, he loves those places and I bought him a pocket watch from one last year that he picked out a week before. My dad, hmmm not sure what to make him but I'm sure it will come to me. Oh yeah and everyone will probably get a dozen eggs from our little sweet chickens.

Other items you could make would be friendship soup, with a wooden spoon, tea towel and a loaf of fabulous bread. Or you could make a topping for toast, yogurt or pound cake, again send a silver spoon and little directions. A personalized cookbook or calendar would be fun too. There is so much out there to be made and gave. Trust me it doesn't take a long to make if you start early. And your recipient will love you for it. So go out their ladies and trove through the craft store, vintage store, get supplies and start making those lovely gifts. Before you know it you will have made a much better gift than a store bought item that will likely be returned, not used, re gifted or sold at a yard sale, yes that does happen :)

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly


Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!
I hope you finish the presents! everyone will love them!! hugs

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I am with you on this, although my brothers and their wives will probably not be too impressed they are more materialistic than I... but hey I have already started crocheting slippers nad have hat and scarves projects in my head... I love hte soup idea and I might make a hot chocolate set too... thank you for sharing your inspiration and ideas... all I need to do now is get my little man over whatever bug he has picked up and hopefully today will be less sicky... oh the joys of parenthood! ;D

take care