Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas is in the air

Christmas is in the air my friends and I am loving it! Pictured above is my sweetie pie sugar lump Ronald as Aladdin in last years Christmas parade. Yesterday I found out one of my favorite radio stations is playing Christmas tunes, love it! I have been rocking the house with it ever since. I even got my Chickie's out and danced a jig with them, ha ha. They told me they needed a little Christmas tree outside their little coop for the season. Luck has it that I have a small purple tree just for them. This weekend I am having a Christmas yard sale. I will be selling all new and handmade items from my front yard, it should be fun. A couple of years ago I used to sell items at the flea market and I have a ton of items leftover from my little hut shop. I am currently so booked up in making everyone a handmade gift for Christmas it is not even funny. I even have 164 tiles to stamped, glaze and tie up for friends at church, nuts I know, but I love it. Midnight, Cape and Christmas are doing fabulous and haven't tried to escape once. OK I lied, Midnight tried to fly out when I was loving on her and her sisters but I know she was just kidding and would never want to leave her mama :) Well I'm off to continue stamping and trying to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Happy Wednesday!
~Molly P

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