Friday, November 20, 2009

I might have signed up for too many Christmas swaps

In my quest to *enjoy* Christmas I think I might have signed up for too many swaps. Now most of them are pretty simple and are done, I did sign up for a Christmas matchbox swap last night. I have also signed up for a Christmas postcard swap and I was just in a holiday party in a card swap, where you get together about 6 or so recipes that you would use at a holiday party and send them out. On top of all the swaps I am in I am again doing a homemade Christmas this year. I currently have 164 tiles to buy, stamp, glaze and bundle up. I also have 4 scarfs to make, 5 pieces of jewelry that needs stamping and beaded up, a set of Mr and Mrs Claus clothespin doll ornaments to stitch up and last but not least write a note to my sweet husband. Hopefully the lady that runs the postal shop won't get too mad when I start receiving all my bundles of wrapped joy.

I also have a slight bone to pick with anybody that mocks Christmas and God. In recent weeks I have tried to be sweet, humble, praise the Lord and tell people of the Good News. I was recently told that God was a person in my head and that I could not hold down a intelligent conversation. This person was totally against God and whatever I said to them, they blew up into some kind of crazy drama and referenced to things that were Not in the bible. Yes I know it states that Christians will be mocked in the bible, but it really hurts my heart when people are so blind to what God has blessed us with. I also don't get people that don't like Christmas music or decorating early. Are we not celebrating the birth of Christ? In my mind Mary was pregnant for nine months so why not have a tree up for nine months. Now I know that would be going a little extreme but I just get the people that loathe decorating or starting to celebrate the season early. You don't see people getting up set over Halloween decorations. I hope this doesn't put a bad taste in your mouth but I have just had it with the way this world is going and people mocking me about my faith and people getting their panties in a wad over decorating early. People should just rejoice in the season, because He is the reason for the season.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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