Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On A Good Day I Get To...

Every morning at approximately 7 am...
I run out to the barn to let Scotty out for the day.
We talk and walk together as I gather my scoops
full of feed and scratch to feed the hens.
This is my new normal.
These little ladies get fed last...
All because they live in my laundry room, too cold for the little ones.

Our hens are fed second and Scotty will walk halfway down
to their coop and run back to the barn.
I don't blame him, they nearly killed the poor fella,
when we introduced him a few weeks ago.

My elegant Ella usually eats out of the scoop when I put it down to
open the coop door and she will drink right out of my bucket.
I also caught her bathing in the mud the other day...
she gave me the stink eye.
Max our adopted dog got loose and ran for miles up in the woods.
I thought for surely he would get lost but he came back
when he heard the scoop go into the bag for food.
Max is a fat dog so the running probably did him some good.
Until I ramble again ~ Gal Molly

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