Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sister's ~ Best Friends

Funny how three days with a person can make you miss them like crazy! My sister stayed with me for three days while my brother and mom went on a field trip. I can not tell you how much fun we had watching movies, drawing, feeding the chickens, snuggling, laughing, talking and just being with each other. Last night when I got home I could still *smell* her on my blanket on my bed that she slept with, don't know when I'll wash it. I will definitely miss sleeping beside her and her snuggling up against me like old times. When I lived at home, before I got married, she slept with me, she had her own bed but chose to sleep with me, God I love her. I will get to see her tomorrow but just knowing that I live 45 minutes away makes me homesick for her and Ronald. Time fly's so fast, I try to savor every moment I get with them even if its just a phone call or chatting on Facebook with them. They are my light, my world, my everything! And I wouldn't trade it for anything! Funny how a 12 year old can make a 29 year old cry when they see something they left that makes you think of them.
*Gal Molly

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