Monday, February 15, 2010

Yummy Mondays ~ Raspberry Coffee and Toasted Egg Sammies

Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines weekend! Mine was filled with a wedding, a scorched tongue at Chili's and cupcakes! Two dear friends of ours got married at our church Saturday night and it was beautiful. A simple wedding with heart luminaries leading into the church, very romantic! Sunday we met Mike's mom for his birthday lunch at Chili's where we ordered the Southwestern egg rolls and they literally scorched my tongue. But all was well when we got Valentine cupcakes that afternoon to celebrate.
A few months ago my Valentine took me to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a raspberry filled donut. I am in love with raspberry and would eat it in everything, but I married a *picky* eater :) Anyways while I was there ordering I saw where you could add a liqueur shot to your coffee. I saw where they had raspberry and immediately asked them to add it to my coffee. Let me tell you folks, that was the BEST coffee I have ever had in my entire life. After woofing down my coffee and donut, I asked my Valentine to take me to the grocery store to find a raspberry liqueur bottle of my own. I have been smitten ever since and love adding my raspberry *shot* to my cup of *joe* in the mornings.
Now have you ever had a toasted egg sammie? Your in for a treat let me tell ya. There are two ways that I make them, fried and scrambled. The *picky* eater showed me one night how his grandmother made him his favorite sandwich by dropping a smidge of oil in the pan, cracking an egg over top and frying it, oh and let me not forget to shake a little pepper over both sides when you flip it. Oh yes it was good! So now when I announce I am making egg sammies I have to make his fried not scrambled. To make the scrambled egg sammie, I place 1 to 2 eggs in a bowl, grated cheese, pepper and spinach and whip until blended. Then I place a piece of butter in the pan and let warm for a few minutes, then I add my egg mixture and scramble. All the while I have taken a cookie cutter and cut out the middle of my bread and place in a separate pan. When the eggs are still a little runny I add them to the middle of the bread in the pan. Then you just cook until eggs are done and be careful when flipping the bread to turn to the other side. I like to serve these with grits or home fries. Oh and with raspberry coffee!
Until I ramble again ~ Gal Molly

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