Thursday, March 25, 2010

She Sells Seashells by The Seashore and Stitches 23, 24, 25

Here are my newst stitches! A little purple and red rose garden and the edge of a chandelier.
Back on my birthday my sweetie bought me a stamping set. I was so excited! I made a few pieces for Christmas and everyone loved them. I wanted to put my own twist on them since everyone that makes hand stamped jewelry uses the ball chain, so I decided I would put the stamped charm on a beaded necklace. Here is my first necklace I have made! I wore it up to my mom's beauty shop and got so many compliments on it. Then the orders started coming, I was so excited. So needless to say I have been busy making jewels for my mom's clients. I made a beaded cuff bracelet a while back and it went well with my necklace. When her clients and my good friends saw them I got seven orders for them. My fingers hurt, but I am not complaining. I have prayed really hard to God that if He wanted me to sell jewelry then to show me new avenues to go to sell. Since everyone at my mom's beauty shop buys my eggs, I have been delivering on Fridays and that seems to be the magic day for sales and getting new vending locations. I am not trying to brag or boast believe me, me and Mike have been praying for our business's and God has us blessed beyond belief! God is good and I owe it all to Him!

So... if your little heart desires a hand stamped piece of beautiful jewelry please leave me a comment or email me at . I have a ton of beads to choose from, you will not be disappointed! We can do any color combination, whatever you choose! Hope you have a happy Thursday! I won't be blogging on Fridays due to delivering eggs, but I always check my comments and email :)
Your friend in Christ ~ Gal Molly


Michele said...

Love the necklace Molly...too cute!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you are talented!!! gorgeous. so glad the Lord is showing you His provision!

Carey said...

Your squares are lovely. I have just joined 39 squares, wish I had done so earlier.

chantal johnson said...

Just found your blog...Love your music- what a joy to find fellow believers. have fun is a great way to relax, express our thoughts ....blessings to you this day!