Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not a baby anymore?

Two days ago my baby brother started drivers ed! ACK!! He just turned 14 and I feel like it was just yesterday that I was changing his diapers and chasing him around the yard. I don't like this growing up thing, he is taller than me! My baby sister Elizabeth informed me last week that she can't stop growing and that she can't help but get older. They are so much smarter than me and know how to navigate a cell phone that I can't even answer a phone call on. Ronald is not supposed to grow up he is supposed to stay a baby forever, chubby, cute and saying sweet little nothings to me. But I know he has to grow up and become a sweet young man and I know the Lord will be with him always. He has made 100's on all the quizzes he has taken since starting drivers ed on Tuesday, so I know he's got to be paying attention. I just get freaked out when I think of him riding with his friends or the other idiots on the road. But I just have to trust that the Lord will be with him and protect him, because this baby has my heart forever.
~Gal Molly
P.S I have a new custom creation that I will be showing later today that I made for a gal up at the beauty shop, its a beauty.

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Michele said...

OMGosh...he is growing up! I hate that growing up's not supposed to happen!