Monday, April 19, 2010

Marie Antoinette Altered Compact Swap!

Happy Monday friends! I was itching to host another swap and I wanted it to be a Marie theme. Something fancy, pretty and fabulous! As you read in the title it is a altered compact swap! You know all those compacts we toss away after we have used them to beautify ourselves with, now we can alter them to be pretty mirror compacts for our swap partners! Don't fret if you don't have a empty one, you can always buy a cheap compact from the drug store and decorate that. One key note of the theme, is that Marie's picture has to be on the compact somewhere, your choice! Please decorate these beauties with lace, rhinestones, glitter, velvet, vintage baubles! It would be really neat if you could place a few french quotes in the area where the powder goes in the compact for your partner to read! But please make them usable for your partner to use to apply her lip gloss or lip balm. Oh yeah, did I mention that you need to send your partner a lip balm with her compact. Yes you do! So you will be sending a total of two items with your partner, a altered compact and a lip balm, YAY!
Sign ups will be open until April 26! Please email me with the following:
~mailing addy
~favorite lip balm
~favorite colors
Here is my email addy:
Packages will then be mailed out by May 27! You will have a full month to complete these beauties, but you can always send out earlier if you choose!
This is the first swap in a series of Marie swaps I will be hosting this summer! The next swap will be announced after we mail this one off. It will surely help you *carry* a few things ;)
~ Gal Molly

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