Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newst members of the family!

Last night we headed to the feed store to load up on chicken feed, dog food and to just *look* at the baby ducks and biddy's. When I saw these precious babies I knew they were coming home with me. Right before I picked my three a lady came in to get the last of the ducks, so I moved quickly and found a box and picked out my three babies.
They are living in the barn until we build them a pond or we are going to try to introduce them to our pond that is up the path from our house. I just don't want them away from me :) I have held and loved on them all night and when morning came I was out the door to the barn to greet them and love on them some more. This afternoon I plan on letting them walk around the yard with these babies down below :)

These babies are living in my laundry room until it starts to get a little warmer at night. They are 1 week old! Aren't they precious! Oh they are too cute! When Mike saw them he had to have them. We now have 80 chickens on our farm! The feed store had marked them down to a $1 a biddy so we bought 12. I had to convince Mike not to buy the whole pool full of them, which was about 500! Which that is our goal to have 500 chickens but we don't have any of the coops built, the land is cleared but we are in the process of buying lumber and all that jazz. I have a feeling we might be back to the feed store come later this week to buy more :) The fella that was helping us said they would probably lower the price again so they can get rid of them, so I know Mike will ride up there later to get more.

Here they are sleeping this morning! I woke them up to make them *pose* for me to take pictures, which they kindly obliged. Again I get to fall asleep to the sound of their sweet little humming and again wake to them humming. It is the sweetest sound!
Don't forget about the swap I have posted, Marie Antoinette Altered Compact! This is a first in a series I am hosting this summer, all Marie themed. Have a great Tuesday!
~Gal Molly


Michele said...

OMGosh...they're so adorable! I've been telling Glenn that I want to get a few chickens and he said NO...:( not exactly what I wanted to hear. He said we would have to get permission to get them and how would I keep them from running off to other yards. Will you let yours run or keep them in the coops?


mysteryhistorymom said...

Your chickies are tooooo cute! How sweet! Molly- I have a bad feeling that your swap partner is a new swapper and may not be reliable.:( Could you send me her e-mail address and I will contact her? If she does not respond I will post about it on my blog and make some goodies of my own for you. Why can't people play nice??!! Big Hugs to you, Sweets! Lori

Birds of a Feather said...

Oh my they are so cute! I love the baby ducks - we have a mallard couple that come to our pool every spring - they don't build a nest, just lay over for a while...I haven't seen the female in two days - I'm fearing the worst!

My chicks are Bantam Buff Brahmas - we got them from MPC. Thurs I get my standards from the local feed store - I'm going to try and keep my flock to 6...not sure I have the will power - lol!

xo Heidi

Down and Out Chic said...

oh these are the sweetest little things. what unique editions to the family :)

creation said...

Hi Molly,
your chicks and ducklings arevery very cute.
I enjoyed reading your post.Look forward to see your counting blessing squares too.
Greetings from India