Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shimmer Beaded Cuff Bracelets

Happy Thursday! Here is a picture of whats been keeping me away from blogging, sewing on my sampler and reading my new book. These cuff's take an average of about 4 hours to make and that's if you are beading non-stop. But they did turn out beautiful and I love making them! The one in the middle is for my mom's client and my good good friend Joyce. She loves Duke and requested that hers have the word Duke on it. This is my first attempt at monogramming these cuffs, I think it turned out great. It took some time measuring and getting the beads in order but that was a fun one to make. Tuesday night I dreamed that I was beading and woke up in a sweat, ha ha! My fingers are kinda numb from keeping the wire tight and picking up teeny tiny beads. Now I'm off to package these up with the other 5 that are waiting to go to their new homes tomorrow. I hope everyone has a blessed Easter and a relaxing weekend! And if you desire to have one of these cuffs, I can make them in any color, combo or solid or if you want a team bracelet or initials. They are $25 plus shipping! Just leave me a comment or email me at and again I will be delivering eggs on Friday but I always check my email and comments. Have a great afternoon friends!
~Gal Molly

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