Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recipe, swap and Thank You!

*Elizabeth hiking at Camp Cheerio*
This week has been busy with chickens, ducks, church, allergies and trying to get my new website up and running, oh and trying to stitch in my stitch along I'm in. Not to mention me and Mike having *baby thoughts* and possibly adoption.
I have a new quick recipe that I have been eating non-stop, I call it Noodles with Mediterranean Dressing
You will need:
1 to 2 tablespoons Mediterranean Dressing
half a cup of spiral or any kind of noodles you love
sprinkle of Parmesan cheese
*Boil your water and then add the noodles, let cook for about 5 to 8 minutes
Then drain and wash off with cold water
Then place in a bowl and add your dressing and Parmesan cheese.
Now for a new swap! On June 1st I will announce the next swap in my Marie themed summer series. It will be a *sew* theme and very very fun! You don't have to have advanced sewing skills to partake in this swap. It will also include embroidery too! My fave! I hope many will come out to swap with us! I will be posting pictures of my current swap when my partner has received hers, very pretty! So remember to check back on June 1st for the next swap!
Thank you all for reading my blog!
~Gal Molly

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