Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Marie Antoinette Needle Book and Charm Swap!

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! We lounged around and finished up our duck coop and visited our new member of the family, Lottie! She is a lab mix and is beautiful! She will be home in about two weeks and will get to see her mother everyday since they live up the path. She is named after the missionary, Lottie Moon!

Swap news! The next swap in my summer series is... Marie Antoinette Needle Book and Charm Swap! You will create a needle book out of any medium, but needs to be Marie and French themed! Think tulle, lace, ribbon, embroidery, baubles, anything! Then add a few new needles inside for your partner. You can google needle books or look on flickr to get ideas, they are very easy to make!
The charms can be made from any medium as well, just follow with the same Marie and French theme. Again think of tulle, baubles, vintage, lace, anything! Please add jump rings so they will be ready for your partner to use. You will need to make three charms!!
Please send me the following information to:
Name & Mailing address
Email address
Favorite colors
Favorite candy
So, you will send your partner one needle book, 3 charms and her favorite candy!
Sign ups will be up until June 9! I will email you on the 10th with your partners information and the send out date for the package is July 10!
I hope all will join in this fun!!
~Gal Molly

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Sarah said...

Hi Molly! You are one of my winners on my blog giveaway!! Please email me your address at so I can mail out your flower!

xo, Sarah