Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Happy Tuesday!
I have been preparing for revival for almost two weeks and was so excited when Friday night came and we had our first cottage prayer meeting. We met at my friends house to pray for our pastor and the visiting pastor and his wife. It was beautiful! We gathered for about an hour and half and then went home. Have I mentioned how much I love my church family?! More than the moon and stars :)
Sunday night was the first night of revival and really got me fired up about Christ! I have been fired up since March but Rev. Chambers message really spoke to my heart. Last night was beautiful too, I got to sit with my shuggy Mikayla, who is my new BFF and she's only seven! The children just flock to me, I had a whole row sitting with me and Mike, the children mean so much to me!
Rev. Chambers is preaching out of Lamentations and it really speaks the truth about faith, living for the Lord and how He can give and take away. I wish everyone could listen to his sermons, I think more people would come to Christ. In the past year God has really been throwing me signs of Him wanting me tell His Good News! I have got to get more people to Him!
We only have two nights left of revival and I think I might cry when it is over. I love listening to sermons and being with my friends and fellowship with one another. It is the best feeling! I pray that everyone can find a church home and let Jesus into their hearts! I love the feeling I get when I know its Wednesday night or Sunday morning or if we are having a church event and I get to see my friends and spend time with them. If you would like I can pray for you if need prayer, everyone needs prayer :)
I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday and looks for something good in your day!
~Gal Molly

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