Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet Sadie and Rose!

Meet Rose and Sadie, my new baby ducks! I got them a week and a half ago and they have transitioned well with the other three ducks. They swim in their kiddie pool in the morning and follow me around in the yard. Rose is in the first picture and Sadie is in the bottom picture. I love this picture of Rose, she looks like she is ready for some kind of action to happen, ha ha, she's so cute and little!
Little Sadie loves to spend time under the porch or under the barn to beat the heat. She follows her sister everywhere and loves loaf bread! When they get older they will still be little and their feathers on their wings will be a beautiful green, red, brown and white all mixed together. Their parents were gorgeous! I have had the best time with these little sweeties this past week! Oh and they love to sleep with the biddies in their coop at night, they get snuggled up in a corner with the other ducks and get right in the middle of them. I guess they know they are the babies! Have a great day!
~Gal Molly


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Those are so cute!!

Michele said...

Oh Molly...they're so adorable..I would be huggin on them all the time!


Anonymous said...

OMG those ducks are adorable!!! You must live in the country? I would love to have a big farm with 100's of critters!

I am one of your swap partners for the Bead Box Swap!!! So I will start working on your box and hope to get it to you soon. Marcy