Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dreamy Sand Mermaid

Doesn't that mermaid look dreamy? My sister Elizabeth drew that while at the beach! I told you she had talent! I love the way her hair is flowing everywhere and she looks like she is waving too. My mom, brother and two sisters are at the beach this week enjoying their time in the sun and sand. I love Elizabeth's facial expression in this picture too, very carefree. I could literally pack up all my stuff in a camper and live at the beach! We actually thought about doing just that a year ago.
I have been slaving away for the debut of my new shop next week! I have taken a year to really find out what jewelry items I love to make and perfected them. I already have a ton of clientele at my mom's beauty shop but wanted to advertise on my own website too. I have a lot of unique items to share with you all next week. There has been a lot of praying and planning about my shop and where I wanted my talents to be displayed. Everyone has their own *art* about them and that's what makes them each unique. Have a fabulous Tuesday!
~Gal Molly

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