Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Embroidery Floss Travel Sewing Kit in a Vintage Clutch Swap!

It's swap time again!! Number three in my summer series and I am excited about this one!! I dreamed it up last night and had to post about it today!
Embroidery Floss Travel Sewing Kit in a Vintage Clutch!
For this swap you will have one partner to gather goodies for. You need to find them a vintage clutch to hold all of the sewing goodies in. You can find these at antique stores, flea markets or your attic! Here is the list of items that MUST be included: 1o skeins of embroidery floss (in your partners favorite color) ~ 2 needles ~ small metal scissors ~ metal thimble ~ pin cushion ( NO FOAM cushions please! Think of the tomato's or make your own ) ~ small package of embellishments (lace, velvet, buttons, seed beads, pearls, charms, colorful ribbon bits, etc) ~ 10 x 10 inch piece of embroidery cloth
The idea of this swap is for the goodies to fit nicely inside a beautiful clutch that your partner can use to hold her sewing items or to go to a fancy party! This swap should cost you around $20 depending on how much you spend on the clutch.
Here is what I need from you:
email addy
blog or other link's to you
mailing addy
favorite colors
if you want to send international or not
The last day to sign up is July 15Th!
Mail off date is August 20Th!
You will have over a month to find the perfect vintage clutch and to fill it up with the required treasures! Please get to know your partner and her likes so you will both be happy with your sewing kit!!
Please do not sign up if you do not plan on following through with this swap! I have been flaked on in the past couple of months and was really heart broken! I want everyone to be happy that joins my swap!! This is a detailed swap and again I want everyone to be happy!
Please email me at with your information listed above. I will send you a confirmation email to let you know I have received your information! I hope this is a hit!!
~Gal Molly


Pam @ Frippery said...

What a fabulous idea! I am so in.I will get my info to you. BTW I posted the steam punk charms today. I absolutely love your charm! Thanks so much, Pam

Little Messy Missy said...

I would love to join this but I am not sure what a clutch is. I embroider on everything and anything I can get my hands on so I think this will be fun!!!
My blog is
my email is

Little Messy Missy

myladyabercrombie said...

Can't wait for this swap! I'm already getting inspired! Can't wait to get my partner so I can start shopping :)