Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marie Antoinette Charm Swap

Who's ready for another swap? This next swap in my Marie Antoinette series features hand made charms. Doesn't that sound fabulous?! You will make a set of 12 charms done up Marie A. style! So think of pink, cake, lace, rhinestones, baubles, Victorian, watch parts, velvet, cupcakes, you know anything relating to Marie A. Please include a jump ring on the charm so your partner can place these on her necklace or charm bracelet. You will need to send these to me and I will make sure everyone has a charm from each artist, so if more ladies sign up I will post about making more charms so everyone can have a charm from each artist. Because every one's work is beautiful!! Also place your charm on a card so we will know who made it!

Sign up's start today and will end on August 4th! I will send out a confirmation email letting you know I received your email. You need to send me your charms no later than September 4th and with $5 for postage, I will be sending them priority mail so they will get to you safe and sound. I will be sending you a special Marie A. surprise for joining my swap that you can use in your jewelry making! Please email me at to let me know you want to join and I will send you all the details!

~Gal Molly


mysteryhistorymom said...

Molly- This sounds soooo fun! I will think about what I can make. Not sure if I can commit, but I will let you know!:) Lori

Christine Edwards said...

Molly, sounds like fun. I have oodles of crystals and pearls that need a project. ;-)

Heather - said...

This sounds like a lot of fun!

Michelle @ One of a Kind Wisconsin said...

I followed the link from blogher- couldn't help it when I saw the words charms, since I sell vintage charms on ETSY. I wish I could commit to a swap like this but I am not sure I could come up with 12 crafty charms... I am semi craft challenged. A really neat idea though- good luck with your swap.