Friday, July 2, 2010

Rainbow Sparkles

Rainbow sparkles are for ice cream on a warm summer day spent with my baby sister talking about going to middle school and "cool clothes". Rainbow *sparkles* are how Elizabeth says sprinkles, in her own sweet baby sister language that only I know. This is a moment forever in my heart and I will always have rainbow sparkles on my ice cream!
Rainbow sparkles are for lazy days at the library picking out fun summer reads and laughing when you are supposed to be quiet. Rainbow sparkles are for your baby brother being as tall as you are, helping you pick out craft books in the library and telling you about the *hot* chick he just saw across the way.
Rainbow sparkles are for knowing that there are two children that love you so much that when its time for me to go home they beg for me stay a little while longer and I cry all the home.
Rainbow sparkles are for knowing the next day I get to wake up and be granted another time to play with them, if only for a little while.
Rainbow sparkles are for hugging someone and letting them know just how much you love them!
~ Second Mama

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