Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walk on the Water!

My littles this weekend, the ones that have Jesus in their hearts! Have you ever wondered when you pass a person if they have Jesus in their hearts? Because that's all I think of now a days! This song by Brit Nicole is one of my favorites right now, Walk on the Water, near and dear to my heart! At my church we don't have children's ministry and a couple of weeks of ago when we were having VBS (vacation bible school), Jesus spoke to me and told me I needed to start one. I laughed and asked Him * you mean me or someone more qualified?* Ha, He meant me with a purple passion. Funny thing is I had been longing to do something like this for the children of our church. Then on Saturday at my women's outreach ministry meeting I spoke about *your* spiritual gifts. I am guessing mine are crafts and teaching kids, because I love me some kids!! I told Mike that Jesus knew what He was doing because why would all of a sudden I be speaking about spiritual gifts and be so convicted to want to teach these precious children. So on Sunday I told my Pastor and he let the committee know about my plan. Later that night I found out they loved my idea and wanted me to start that night, ha ha. I will hopefully be starting this Sunday night and then begin on Wednesday nights too. Oh this is an answered prayer!!
On Wednesday night I also get to teach the youth girls about Ruth and are rather excited about that too! I can't stop talking about Jesus and getting so excited about doing things for Him and serving Him! Never in a million years did I think I would feel this way about Jesus. Funny how you run Him and want to do things your way and not His and then you slowly start following Him and things fall into place and life makes sense and helping others in need and material objects don't matter anymore and how your life changes. It really is the *first day of the rest of your life* as sung by Matt Maher.
Don't you wonder whether someone you pass has Jesus in their heart and suddenly you feel compelled to talk to them and sometimes you are saddened that they don't want to know Him and you won't get to see them in Heaven?
This is my first step on faith, a children's ministry, a spreading of the Gospel, letting people know about Him.
I will tell you all about tomorrow night and how the youth girls like my mini sermon on Ruth, because she was a committed and hard working lady that bloomed in the end!
~Gal Molly


Fran. said...

Ok Molly, I was catching up on my blog reading this morning!! I just read this post with tears!! Becuz I needed to hear this from God through you!! I just had the most awful week last week, and somehow I couldn't find God anywhere in it! I cried everyday!! Really!! What I got from you, is that my heart should be breaking when someone else doesn't have Jesus in their heart and don't know that awesome feeling he gives us!! It's not about me!! It's about HIM!! Thank you Molly! Your music is great too!! Love, Fran. PS Shame on me!!

Fran. said...

Oh Molly thank you for the sweet comments. I feel the spirit in my soul!! That is amazing we were in the same swap!! and didn't even know it!! God has gone before us!! Now I take that as a confirmation!! I too am going to go check out my tags!! I love swaps!! and making tags!! And to think we both love Nancy Drew!! Lori would for sure put us together!! LOL I love her!! Have a great one!! XO Fran.