Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bead

Over the summer I have spent my Fridays selling eggs, jewelry and haunting bead shops with my baby brother in tow. This summer has been good! Every Friday around lunch we had over to grab a bit to eat at Wendy's and head over to my new favorite bead shop, Rare Earth Beads! They have a beautiful selection and a big box of glass beads that you rummage through and fill up a small jewelry bag for four dollars. While rummaging through the box, my brother always finds the best and rarest beads. This Friday he found a small sparkly one that has a touch of gold and teal glittery all mixed together, a rare gem! Over the past three weeks that we have haunted this bead shop, he has found a slew of *rare* beads for me. He has found enough for me to make a necklace out of and remember our summer together when I wear it.
This summer has been full of surprises and whimsy! On Fridays I let me brother practice driving in parking lots and freak out just a little when he presses the gas and have a mini heart attack, ha ha. Never once has he groaned about doing something girly with me but called me the night before to make sure I was coming in to town and we would be able to hang out. These are the days that I cherish! I will cherish this necklace every time I wear it and always think of my sweetie pie baby and our fun summer together. We have collected on machines together, haunted bead shops, went to the library, got ice cream with rainbow sparkles, ate at Wendy's too many times to count and talked endlessly on the phone together. Oh and he showed me how to work my new phone, a Droid, which is a little too fancy for me and I was told I was *cell phone challenged*, ha ha.
All the beads he has found me are rare, glittery and are so him! He has a knack for finding beauties and always seeing the positive and beauty inside someone or some thing. He has a heart worth loving and a soul worth knowing. I am proud to call him my brother and I hope we will always be this close as we grow older. Siblings are the best and can make a bad day turn ever so happy!
~ Gal Molly

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ViviBijoux said...

Hi, just checking out the Petite bead box blogs, yours is very cute! I had a fabulous time participating into my first box and bead swap, can't wait to swap again! ^_^ Virginie